While sitting here thinking about what I want to share with the world, I realized my life journey might be different than others. Rich or poor, sad or happy, and right or wrong we all begin as children while growing and learning into adulthood. Our mistakes make us overcomer because we learn not to handle that situation the same way next time that it occurs.


The foundations (parents, church, Holy Spirit, school) of my life will always be with me, speaking to me, and guiding me as I travel through life but will I be mindful to my inner soul? I have learned that if I step out of my boundaries or the teaching from my foundation that I will might make a mistake. Is it wrong that I want to try something different? Is it wrong for me to search for other avenues in solving a problems than the way my foundation teaching has instill in me? Can I do something different than I was taught growing up? Was the legacy left for me will be used the proper way? Can I teach what I have learned of my life journey to others?


The truth is that my parents had to endure struggles, persecutions, and hard times to become successful. Their teachings for me were that I did not make the same mistakes that they did on their life journey. The church sets the pace for celebration of discipline. The Holy Spirit was left here on earth to be my Comforter. The school teaches how to be successful in society.

For a moment it had slipped my mind why I should be thankful. I am blessed!!! Things could have turn out so much worse than this life journey with bumps and humps, mountains and valleys, and straightness and curves. Psalm 23: 6 (NIV) tells me “surely His goodness and love will follow me all the days of life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” I have learned that with the foundation that was prepared for me, the Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside of me, and with goodness and mercy walking with me on this life journey I can succeed and be successful. Stop complaining and enjoy the ride!! Be blessed.